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curried chicken salad is the only juusto-kolmiovoileivät 2$

cucumber and butter sandwich. best at high tea.salaatti-kolmiovoileivät 2$

chicken tika masala is a curry made of tomatoes and cream with pieces of tandoori chicken in it ^_^ it's always been my favorite indian curry dish, thought it isn't to adventurous to the american tonguetomaattilasange 3$

zenzai.... yumm....... so warm...... so sweet........ so....... mochi......... *sniff* they never give you enough mochi... too many azuki beans.. i can't eat too much of a sweet thing. mmmmmmm but still good. the best one to get here in the states is at the hotel restaurant at the Paradise Pier Hotel in Anaheim, CA. what's the name.... hmm..... Yamabuki i think. eat there, congoers... that is, if you have manners.lihakeitto 2$

tadaaah!!! what a cool magic trick hehehe ^_^ I love misoshiru... although sometimes i get sick of itkanakeitto 2$

tandoori chicken is marinated (in a red dye) chicken that's cooked on a tandoori grill. some of the yummiest chicken in the world~! so pretty too...kanankoipi 1$

 chilitaco 2$

 hamppari 3$

ranskalaiset 2$

hotdog 3$



Kitsune Udon!!! *drools* oh hell this is so yummy!!!!! i love sucking all of the broth out of the kitsune until the bowl is empty~ mansikkavanukas 2$

TEMPURA KITSUNE UDON!!!!!! THE KING OF ALL THINGS!!! *faints* it's the best of all worlds in one lil bowl~~~~suklaavanukas 2$

Tanuki Soba!!! *drools* oh hell this is so yummy!!!!! sometimes i get a cold from the little shrimp on the tempura cake, but it's so worth it!!!päärynävanukas 2$

a nice takoyaki ball glazed over with sauce suklaapulla 1$

 a little cupcake~ chocolate icing suklaaleivos 1$

 a little cupcake~ vanilla icing vanilialeivos 1$

 a little cupcake~ strawberry icing mansikkaleivos 1$

 a little cupcake~ blue icing mustikkaleivos 1$

   jättileivos 3$









































































parisänky 7$

lastensänky 7$

jättinalle (½m) 7$

hiusharja 3$

  digikamera 8$

matkaradio 7$

nintendo DS 8$

 yhdenhengen sateenvarjo 3$

purkka-automaatti 5$

tamacothi 6$

pun. kynsilakka 2$

vihr. kynsilakka 2$

pink. kynsilakka 2$

sin. kynsilakka 2$

kelt. kynsilakka 2$

hop. kynsilakka 2$

 orans. kynsilakka 2$

my ionic hair dryer from sharper image. it's so matte and gummy and shiny!the ceramic straightener i have. made in korea. the only place to buy these things.suoristusrauta tai fööni 4$/kpl

sticts pehmolelu 3$









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